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Vape Juice No Nicotine, What's the Point

Many people wonder if there is a point of vaping with no nicotine. In fact, many consumers have vape juice with the absence of nicotine and just do it for socializing. Some benefits include better tasting vape juice and reducing the addiction to nicotine itself. Some people enjoy the high nicotine level vape juice that gives an intense sensation and throat hit, but there are also many people that are switching over to vaping for the vapor and the flavor without desiring any nicotine.

Are There Any Downsides To Vape Juice With No Nicotine?

If there has to be ANY downside to vaping without nicotine, it would be throat hits being slightly weaker than normal. That throat hit can be compensated by increasing the amount of PG in the vape juice and decreasing the amount of VG. The reasoning behind this working is due to the fact PG, which is propylene glycol, is harsher than VG to provide that hit former smokers seem to crave. For people who crave less of a throat hit and a more smooth sensation, having no nicotine in vape juice benefits them.

Will Having No Nicotine Affect The Overall Flavor?

Nicotine alone, although mostly flavorless, has a peppery type flavor that can alter the vape juice flavor slightly. Some people won't notice the taste alteration in their vape juice and will add the nicotine to increase overall satisfaction. In general, the lower the amount of nicotine, the less it will affect flavor change and the higher the nicotine, the more it will affect flavor change in vape juice. Since nicotine gives an extra throat hit, having it mixed with menthol or mint flavors could be overwhelming, thus making the vape experience less enjoyable. Having no nicotine in those minty or menthol flavors will help reduce such a harsh throat hit to increase satisfaction to those not craving such intensity. Fruity flavored vape juice is greatly benefited from having no nicotine since they are more likely to be affected by the slightly peppery flavor of nicotine than the menthol or mint flavors.

Who Vapes With No Nicotine?

Believe it or not, former smokers are one of the largest groups that vape without nicotine. The reasoning for this being one of the bigger groups to have no nicotine in their vape juice is trying to lower their dependence on the nicotine itself. They accomplish this by slowly reducing their nicotine levels over time. Another group of people who vape with no nicotine can be the ones that enjoy socializing with others. Vape shops and other types of similar places have created these social areas to help improve contact with others to make new friends, etc.

How Do You Accomplish Getting To The Point Of Vaping No Nicotine Vape Juice?

There are many vape shops and online e-juice stores to purchase the desired vape juice flavors. Most, if not all, will provide the option of buying vape juice with no nicotine. Like mentioned above, people will slowly lower their nicotine to eventually rid themselves of relying on the nicotine to give them the sensation they like. The choices of the equipment will also affect the amount of nicotine inhaled. The average eGo battery that some people use burns a lower amount of vape juice than RDA's will, therefore causing less nicotine to be inhaled. This will also mean if someone wants to get to the point of no nicotine, they would more than likely need to start at a higher nicotine level with the eGo vaporizers than with RDA's. Most smokers who transition to vaping will start around a medium nicotine level like 16 mg/ml, or 1.6%, in the vape pens. In the RDA's or mods, a lower nicotine level like 6 mg/ml or 8 mg/ml would be a reasonable start for smokers transitioning to vaping due to the higher amount of flavor inhaled through these items.

Other Reasons Why People Vape With No Nicotine

One reason people vape no nicotine juice is to satisfy habits or routines. Some people wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work, etc. as part of their daily routine. Sometimes, this includes smoking a cigarette in the morning. Some even will smoke during breaks at work or while driving. Nicotine has very little or no effect on psychological aspects of people with these types of habits. Therefore, if someone were to convert to smoking vape juice with no nicotine, this would greatly benefit them by not having the adverse effects that nicotine can sometimes cause. Another type of benefit is someone trying to satisfy their oral fixation, which is a habit that involves a hand to mouth movement. Some people will gain weight after they quit smoking because they will want to eat more to satisfy that craving. To avoid the weight gain, some people will continue to smoke or vape. An example would be if someone were craving the taste of chocolate or licorice, they could instead buy vape juice with of those flavors instead to satisfy the chocolate or licorice cravings. By vaping with no nicotine, you are still fulfilling the oral fix needed but at the same time keeping harmful nicotine out of your system.


Again, vaping with no nicotine will have many benefits to anyone that just need that flavor fix or to just socialize with others and not have the harmful effects. There are many flavors of vape juice out there to try, and all will more than likely have the option of having no nicotine. Trying multiple flavors without the nicotine added will be the best way of finding one that will best help satisfy taste cravings, etc.